IB Credit Control manages IB accounts payable for all fees listed in Section H of the Handbook of Procedures, and also merchandise purchase through the IB Store.

You can contact Credit Control by e-mail at: creditcontrol@ibo.org.


All money transactions with IBO are tracked by the INVOICE NUMBER. This number will also appear as the "order number" on a sales invoice from the IB Store, or as a "reference number" on the statement of account. Every month IBO sends a statement of account. Use this statement to make sure invoices and payments are correct.

It is important that bank transfers and other types of payments include the invoice number in the memo section (açıklama) of the payment.

File all documents related to a single invoice together in a separate file for that invoice number. If you need to contact Credit Control about any billing problems, refer to the invoice number, and file copies of your email correspondence together with other documents for that invoice.

IB Store

(This is just a summary of the procedure. For more details, see the IB Store page on this wiki.)

When making a purchase at the IB Store (for example, a book or CD), you can immediately print and/or save a sales invoice. This invoice is the primary documentation of the purchase. When the book or CD arrives, you will find a packing slip in the package. File the packing slip with the invoice. The invoice is now ready to be paid.

Our school currency is the Swiss franc (CHF), but we will be able to use CHF at the IB Store only until 31 August 2008. After that we will have to make purchases in either British pounds or US dollars.

School fee

The amount of the annual school fee is published in section H of the Handbook of Procedures. This is paid by the school's accounting department.

Candidate registration fees

Candidate registration fees are published in section H of the Handbook of Procedures. We add to these fees the cost per student of DHL shipping. The basic procedure for both diploma and retake candidates is:

  1. Send letter to parents explaining the fee and instructing how to deposit the fee.
  2. Parents deposit the fee, and students bring the deposit dekont to the kat muavin.
  3. If any student has not paid the fee, they are deleted from the registration in IBIS.
  4. When all dekonts have been received, and the records on IBIS are correct and complete, print the invoice from IBIS.
  5. The invoice is now ready to be paid.

For more information about candidate registration, click here.

Statement of account

Every month IBO sends a statement of account, which is a summary of the current payments and open invoices. The same invoice will appear again and again on the monthly statement until it is paid. Remember that payment transfers must include the invoice reference number. Otherwise, the payment will not be applied to open invoices.

Click here for an example of the dilekçe we use to instruct the school to make a payment:
ödeme talebi örneği

If you have an unapplied payment, send an email to creditcontrol@ibo.org and request that they use the money to pay any open invoices (pay the oldest invoices first).

We have had problems with Credit Control sending us statements in the wrong currency. Our school currency is the Swiss franc (CHF), but we sometimes get statements in British pounds (GBP). If this happens, send an email to creditcontrol@ibo.org and ask them to correct this.