External assessment overview

The following components are sent directly to examiners for grading:

  • Turkish A1 HL world literature
  • Turkish A1 SL world literature
  • English A2 HL written tasks
  • English A2 SL written tasks
  • Theory of Knowledge (TOK) essay
  • Extended essay

Remember that the work for an HL subject is not the same as the world for an SL subject. For example, English A2 HL work might go to one examiner, but English A2 SL work will go to a different examiner.

Extended essays for one subject count as one component. So an extended essay in Biology and an extended essay in Chemistry are two different components, and will go to different examiners.

External Assessment calendar

<link here from calendar page>

December/12th grade:
Download cover sheets for components from IBIS/IBNET and distribute to teachers.

February/12th grade:
After semester break, collect components from teachers and send:
1. Download the candidate checklist with examiner addresses from IBIS (IBIS--> Subjects --> Reports --> ???)
2. Collect works from teachers.Both teacher and student must sign the official cover sheet.
3. Make sure the teacher has saved a copy of the work (required, in case the original is lost)

March/12th grade:
Send components to examiners via DHL <LINK TO DHL>
Components must be received by examiners by 15 March.