Grade 10 Student data form

First form to collect all personal, subject and contact information for students who will begin the IB 2-year program next year. Data from this form is used to create a Microsoft Access database for the new IB session. For example:

2007-08: Grade 10 = May 2010 session
2008-09: Grade 10 = May 2011 session
2009-10: Grade 10 = May 2012 session

Suggested deadlines:

April - May: Students attend presentations on alan/ders options for IB, and presentations on the Extended Essay
5 May: Distribute the Grade 10 Student data form to students. (suggestion: add EE supervisor signature, so there will be no need for the Extended Essay declaration form)
20 May: Deadline for returning the completed form. Begin entering data into Access database.
1 June: Print and distribute student data report from Access.
2 June: Students return report pages with corrections
Summer: Make corrections to database.