These instructions assume that you have already registered students on IBIS at the end of their Grade 11 year. For registering retake candidates, please go to the Retakes page.

Confirm registration data

  1. Print the IBIS candidate registration report and distribute pages to students. Get the report from here:
    IBIS --> Candidates tab --> Registrations --> Registrations reports --> Candidate report
  2. Students will either sign the page (if the information is correct) or return the page with corrections.
  3. If there are corrections, make necessary changes to both the Access database and IBIS.
  4. Create a new IBIS report, distribute to students, etc. until Access and IBIS are correct. See the Information management page for more about this process.


Calculating fees

Official registration fees are published in Section H of the Handbook of Procedures.

The fees list in the Handbook make things a little more complicated than necessary. When we notify candidates and parents of fees, we calculate the diploma candidate fee, actually [Registration fee + (Subject fee x 6)] , add an extra fee for courier expenses, and just publish the total in a letter to parents.

Since an increasing number of candidates means we have more materials to send via DHL, and since the DHL fees increase gradually each year, we add 10% to last year's per student cost:

(last year's DHL expenses / last year's candidates) x 1.1 = per candidate courier fee

Collecting fees

Prepare a letter for the principal's signature which informs parents of the fees required for exam registration. In the letter make sure to include:
  • the amount of the fees (in Swiss francs)
  • the account number where they should deposit the fee
  • where to deliver the dekont (the bank's proof of deposit) from the bank
  • the deadline for depositing the fee (normally late October)

Here is a sample fee letter to send to parents (in Turkish)

Paying the fees to IBO

Get the invoice summary from IBIS:
  • IBIS --> Candidate tab --> Registration fees summary
and send an order to the bank to wire the correct amount to IBO's CHF account. Make sure that the wire transfer includes the invoice number and school code in the memo section of the transfer.