IB Store

The IB Store is for online purchase of publications and other materials directly from the IB.

Our routine purchases from the IB Store are:
  • May exam and markscheme CD (available about 5-6 months after the exams)
  • November exam and markscheme CD (available about 5-6 months after the exams)
  • Companion textbooks (we purchase 1-4 copies for each subject as it comes out

To read about how we share these publications with teachers, please see the Teachers page.


You have to create an account and password for yourself in order to shop at the IB Store. You can also instruct the IB Store to bill your purchases to your school's IB account. The order number is the reference number (invoice number) that appears on the monthly statement of account.

When shopping at the IB Store, be very careful about the currency used to price the merchandise. It does not automatically set for your school's currency. I have to reset the currency every time I shop at the store.

As soon as you make a purchase, the IB Store sends a confirmation email message. The message contains a link to an invoice that you will then use to pay for the purchase.

When purchased items arrive, keep a copy of the packing slip, and mark the date that the item was received. Keep this with other documents related to the same INVOICE. Your accounting office may require the packing slip as proof that you received the merchandise.

To read more about invoices and account statements, please see the page about Credit Control.