Internal Assessment Grades & Predicted Grades


Part of the student work for each subject is graded internally by our own teachers. The interally assessed (IA) work has different names in each subject -- practical work, portfolio, oral presentation, etc.-- but all of it is basically individual project work rather than exams.

In order to make sure that the IB standards are implemented equally at all schools, each school sends samples of teachers' grading to moderators. These moderators will determine how much, if at all, the IA grades given by teachers will be corrected ("moderated").

IB provides checklists (mark sheets) as worksheets for Internal assessment grades. The actually grades are entered on IBIS, first by the teachers, and then by the IB Coordinator. These grades are entered twice to make sure they are entered correctly. After they have been entered twice, and then checked a third time ("verified"), IBIS produces a list of students whose work is required for moderation.

Teachers also predict the final grade that they believe each candidate will attain. These predicted grades, along with the IA grades, are designed to ensure the validity and reliability of the marks.

For specific information about IA/PG for retake candidates, please see the Retakes page.
For more details about internal assessment and predicted grades, see section F of the Handbook of Procedures.


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March/12th grade
  1. Download the mark sheets for IA/PG for each subject from IBIS: IBIS --> Subject tab --> Teacher marksheets
  2. Distribute mark sheets to teachers
  3. Make sure that teachers have passwords to access IBIS and enter their grades
  4. Teachers enter IA (and PG) marks themselves on IBIS

April/12th grade
  1. Collect the mark sheets from teachers and enter the same grades
  2. Verify that the grades on IBIS are correct with the "verify" function on IBIS.
  3. To verify IA marks: IBIS --> Subject tab --> IAPG --> IA mark entry
  4. To verify PG marks: IBIS --> Subject tab --> IAPG --> Predicted grade entry
Deadline for entering and verifying all IA/PG marks is 10 April 2009.

After you have completed and verified the IA and PG marks, click on "sample". This will generate a list of candidates whose IA work must be sent to a moderator. Collect IA work from teachers and send to moderators by DHL
All IA work samples must be RECEIVED by moderators by 20 April 2009.