Digital oral presentations

Group 1 and Group 2 subjects include oral presentations in their internal assessment work. These presentations are recorded and are included in IA moderation samples. Starting in 2008, these recordings are done digitally and sent to moderators on CD.

For details, see Section F.17 of the Handbook of Procedures for the Diploma Programme.

We use the program Audacity, which can be downloaded for free from The following document explains to teachers how to use Audacity when recording presentations.

The teachers bring the recording to the IB Coordinator, who then uses Nero software to burn an audio CD. The CD must be prepared as an audio CD that can be played on a car or portable CD player. It is not enough to simply create mp3 files and copy them onto a CD.

┼×ule Erkan can provide help if needed.

Candidate numbers for oral presentations

Candidates state their name and candidate number at the beginning of the recording, so we must start the diploma registration before the oral presentations. See the page for Grade 11 registration for more information.