Pre-exam workshop

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We plan a workshop before the mock exams. I found that, with 100 candidates, it is easier to present this to one or two classrooms at a time. The workshop goes more smoothly if you use two class periods. If students are still unsure about the rules after the workshop, send them to this link for our special site about the IB exams.

Here is Tom's outline for his workshop: Pre exam workshop outline.doc

Mock paper 1: Mock paper 1.pdf

  1. You will also need blank multiple choice answer sheets (MCQ). The IBO will send extra blank MCQs with your cover sheets; just take one of those blanks and make photocopies for your workshop.
  2. Read the instructions for Multiple Choice Examinations from Section G of the Handbook.
  3. Allow students to look at the Notice to Candidates during the "exam", but don't let them take too long.
  4. Click here to see a slideshow where you can check your answers.

Mock paper 2: Mock paper 2.pdf

  1. You will also need blank cover sheets, answer sheets, and string tags. Before the workshop, punch holes in the cover sheets and question papers.Blank cover sheets are available from IBNET-->Library-->Examinations.
  2. Read the instructions for Examination Papers in Which Candidates Write Their Answers from Section G of the Handbook.
  3. use string tag


  1. Before the workshop, tell students to bring the calculator the plan to use during the exams.
  2. Distribute copies of the calculator regulations (or post this on your own website): M08 calculators in exams.pdf
  3. distribute large labels (e.g. 4cm x 8cm) with candidate numbers (last 3 digits) printed large. Don't let students do their own labels: they will write too small, use weird colors, decorate them, etc. You will use these labels to sort calculators after you have checked for non-approved applications.
  4. Students can learn to clear the memory and apps themselves. If they do this, it will be much easier for you to check them.