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Retake Registration

Candidates may register for up to three sessions, as long as they are 19 years old or younger. For TED students, this means that a student registers once as a diploma candidate, and can then register two times as a retake candidate. When a candidate registers as a retake, he will become part of the new exam session -- for example, a May 2008 diploma candidate becomes a May 2009 retake candidate. A candidate gets a NEW candidate number (also called the session number) for each registration. When a retake candidate takes the IB exams in May, he takes the same exams as the other candidates for the same subject. There are no special exam questions that are only for retakes.

For more details, see Section C of the Handbook of Procedures for the Diploma Programme

Because of the curriculum changes in Group 4 subjects, May 2009 is the last time that retake candidates will be able to carry forward their practical work grade from a previous session. If a May 2009 retake candidate does not wish to carry forward their marks from a previous session, he/she will have to complete the new course internal assessment, assessed against the new criteria.

See also the document Carrying Forward IA and External Guide in the IBNET Library/Miscellaneous.

Here's a link to another site where students can get information about exams and retake registration: TED IB Exams.

Suggested deadlines:

10 July: Students get results
30 September: Last day for written request to register for retakes
30 October: Last day to present dekont (proof of bank deposit) for fee payment
30 January: Last day to submit new Internal Assessment work (if applicable)


IB publishes results in early July. Someone from the IB Coordination office must be at school during that week to answer questions from students. Any students who want to know about Retake exams should first read the Retake pages of the Exam wiki. I have created a Word document that converts the information from the Handbook of Procedures into a simple form that helps students make decisions about retake exams:

Exam results worksheet (opens in MS Word).

Registration request

Before we register a candidate, we need the following in writing by 30 September:
  1. Student's full name
  2. Complete contact information: home phone, cell phone, email address, etc.
  3. The subject name and level (HL/SL) of each subject for retake registration
  4. If the student will redo additional work (besides the May exams), he must state this (see below)

We do not accept registration requests from students from other schools.

Retake registration fees

See the Handbook of Procedures for the Diploma Programme for retake fees. Remember to add a percentage to cover school costs (mostly DHL costs). Deposit information is available on the Retake Registration page of the Exam wiki.

Retake portfolio work

If a student wants to do any portfolio work again (that is, anything besides the exams), he must find a supervising teacher make that clear in the registration request. Do not register the Retake work until a teacher has agreed to be the candidate's supervisor.

When you register a retake student on IBIS, you must indicate if the student will redo practical work/internal assessment work. Generally, this means that you DO NOT want the previous IA mark to "carry forward".

A retake candidate who does IA work again will have Internal Assessment and Predicted Grade marks in April, and his work will probably be included in the IA sample for moderation. If the candidate registers to re-do IA, but then does not do the IA work, you can correct the candidate's registration information on IBIS, to indicate the the IA mark will "carry forward".

Retake exams

In April, before the IB exams, retake candidates that are now at university may need permission to be absent from their university classes or exams. We can prepare a letter from TED for Melike Hoca's signature that states that the student is registered for IB exams and that gives the exam dates.