Workshops for teachers

Link: IBO Workshops and conferences
Link: Online IB Workshops

Online Curriculum Centre (OCC)

The Online Curriculum Centre (OCC) is a website organized for each diploma programme subject. Some of the resources are:
  • IB news
  • official IB publications for download (subject guides, EE guide, teacher support materials, etc.)
  • a forum for sharing questions and ideas among teachers of the same subject
  • resources (websites, documents, etc.) shared among teachers

Teachers must use a password to access the OCC. If a new teacher needs a password, log onto IBNET, and click on Online Curriculum Centre in the left hand pane.

IB Information System (IBIS)

Teachers will use IBIS to enter Internal Assessment (I/A) grades and Predicted grades (PG). If a teacher does not have a password, you must create a teacher account on IBIS:
IBIS --> School --> School person maintenance

The School Person Maintenance Guide is available from IBNET--> Library --> Miscellaneous.

Exams and invigilation

Teachers may see copies of question papers 24 hours after the exam. Teachers can use Form G2 to evaluate the exam questions. Form G2 is available on the OCC.

Wikibook collaboration for teaching materials

The International Baccalaureate Wikibookis a collaborative work with the goal, "to collaborate to create a great resource for IBDP students and teachers to make their learning, study and teaching easier." While the IB Coordinator Virtual Handbook (this website) is about managing the program, the IB Wikibook is about the content of IB subjects.